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I am a 16 year old student who lives in New Zealand and enjoys programming and graphic design. I am also learning how to take photos with my Cannon EOS 600D so this is where i will post my photos

Fonts Of The Week
This are the featured fonts of the past week.
Achille FY:    myfonts.us/achillefy
Madurai Slab:    myfonts.us/maduraislab
Grota:    myfonts.us/grota
Corbert Condensed:    myfonts.us/cobertcond
Korpo Serif:    myfonts.us/korpo
Labrador:    myfonts.us/labrador
Transat Text:    myfonts.us/transatT
Signalist:    myfonts.us/signalist
Malleable Grotesque:    myfonts.us/malleableg
Fry Pro:    myfonts.us/frypro
If you want to see more cool fonts visit: Betype.co/fonts


Superhero Typographic Classifications by Matthew Olin

The most distinguishing factor of any font is its characters. Hidden beneath these characters, each typeface also has character—its own unique characteristics. However classified this information may seem, when used correctly, typefaces often speak to us more powerfully than the words that are written with them.


Madurai Slab by Jeremy Dooley

Madurai Slab is a great choice when looking for a Neo-Grotesque slab serif font. In the hands of a learned designer, this new slab offers the potential for beautiful and well-blended layouts. With its widths adjusting to compact and extended content blocks, this typeface is perfect for the headings, captions and other brief, immediate messages that you need to drive your message home. Buy it with a 77% off here: myfonts.us/maduraislab


Who doesn’t love free WiFi? Although we use it often, we rarely think about how it works. If you’ve ever wondered, here’s how…Wifi is an energy field that is transmitted as waves. The waves have a certain height, distance between them and travel at a certain speed. The distance between wifi waves is shorter than that of radio waves and longer than that of microwaves, giving wifi a unique transmission band that can’t be interrupted by other signals. This image shows an idealized wifi data transmitted over a band that is divided into different sub-channels, which are shown in red, yellow, green and other colors.

The wifi pulses are shown here as multicolored spheres radiating out from the source, near the right of the image. Wifi transmitters are basically an antenna equipped with a transmission protocol that splits the frequency band into several segments, referred to as channels. Data can be transmitted over each channel or in order to send and receive greater quantities of data at faster rates. Although color represents its own unique, visible segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, we use red, orange, yellow and other colors to show the invisible wifi channels that make up the overall wifi signal. Wifi fields are usually spherical (like the one here) or ellipsoidal and extend about 20-30 meters, assuming a typical off the shelf wifi box.

(Source: smokingdesigners.com)